Energy Efficiency Dynamics ™ is a suite of enterprise software tools created by one of the best systems architecture development, code, and advanced algorithm teams in the world.  This simple-to-use but powerful software was also co-developed with experts in the energy field as well as managers of facilities to ensure the web-based Energy Efficiency Dynamics™ software system addressed areas of actual concern to these end-users of energy in a cost-effective and verifiable, results-oriented fashion.

Now Virtual Power Plant (VPP) brings you Energy Efficiency Dynamics ™, a tool that can offer you the following:

A Customized Multi-Facility System: This Web-Based Enterprise Software System will measure, monitor, manage and control the energy usage and various systems in a given building, complex, or series of facilities within an organization's domestic and/or global properties portfolio.

Real-Time Energy Usage Monitoring:  Instant remote alerts to key persons per deviation with usage baselines; Measures Building’s real-time billable Demand and Power Factors; Help shape loads, lower demand charge expenses, and produce immediate and substantial energy cost savings.

ESCO Project Measurement & Verification (M&V): Enables the ability to calculate
with certainty energy project ROI; negotiate more favorable contract performance terms / conditions.

Demand Response Participation & RevenueEnergy Efficiency Dynamics ™ also contains Automated Demand Response controls that work in conjunction with utilities and bring you new revenue.

Instant Utility Bill Aggregation & Validation:  Stop utility overcharging with the advanced measurement and monitoring infrastructure overlay our system offers along with its complex software algorithms which are geared to each local utility tariff governing a given property.

Building Benchmarking & Operational Savings: Facilitate your LEED certification and/or validated energy star reporting.

Next Generation Energy Intelligent Facilities: Immediately and remotely identify costly faulty equipment and systems; Energy-cost financial indicators as to facility operations for managers.

Key Energy Performance dashboards and reports for engineering staff; Intuitive management tools for building owners to understand the impact of energy use on their business; Carbon Credit Calculation reports and regulatory compliance tools and reports; Modeling software – see energy and money savings from hypothetical intra-building operational and activities changes.


“You cannot manage what you do not measure" - Jack Welch


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